About the matric results

News24 publishes the matric results in partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

Please note that some IEB students choose not to have their results published. These results are not available on the site.

Should you have queries about your results, or about specific details pertaining to your results, please contact your school.

How to find your results

Students who wrote the Department of Basic Education's National Senior Certificate (NSC) can search for their results using their examination number, or by searching for their school name and then selecting their examination number. These results will be available from the 5th of January, 2017, at 06:00 am, excluding the Western Cape. NSC results for the Western Cape will be released on the 6th of January 2017.

The results of students who wrote matric through the Independent Examinations Board are published by surname. These results are made available at 00:01 on the 3rd of January.

What if I can't find my results?

If you cannot find your results, please contact your school.

Is there a second chance to pass the National Senior Certificate if I have failed the final examination?

The Department of Basic Education allows for a supplementary examination to unsuccessful candidates under the following circumstances:

  • If a candidate failed a maximum of two subjects.
  • If a candidate is medically unfit.
  • If a candidate did not satisfy Higher Education admission requirements.
  • If a candidate was affected by personal problems such as a death in the immediate family.

More information is available on the website of the Department of Basic Education and the Independent Examinations Board.